MedSave Long Term Care Pharmacy is a closed door pharmacy serving extended care facilities throughout the Bemidji community and surrounding area. We specialize in meeting the needs of long-term care providers by offering specific products and services to make their role as a provider more efficient. There isn’t a facility too small or large for our LTC Pharmacy to service. Ask about our automatic payment option.

Top 5 Reasons to Consider Using MedSave LTC as Your Pharmacy:

  1. We coordinate medications and offer a variety of packing options to help prevent missed doses.
  2. Our small LTC Pharmacy staff makes communication easier and enhances customer relationships.
  3. We act as a communicator between patients, caregivers and doctors.
  4. Our pharmacist is dedicated solely to Long Term Care patients.
  5. We offer customized medication packaging.

Services We Offer

Customized Medication Packaging
  • We line up and fill all daily prescriptions automatically each month
  • Daily over-the-counter drugs sent with monthly orders
  • MAR system provided upon request
  • New meds sent same day
  • Fast, friendly service!

At MedSave LTC, we offer customized medication packaging to the homes we serve within the Bemidji area.

It is our goal to work with you, the staff at the facility, to develop a routine schedule for ordering maintenance medications so that deliveries can be made on the same day each week. For example, you place an order on Tuesdays and we bring it out to you on Thursdays. That consistency can make it convenient for both facility staff and pharmacy staff to work within the set routine. Of course, if there are emergency or "out" items, we will make a second delivery to bring those items to your facility that same day whenever possible. Cases of an antibiotic prescription or medication changes are prioritized and every effort is made to get those new medications out to you the same day. We want to do our part to help you make getting medications to your clients as seamless as possible.


We Accept Most Insurances

The world of insurance is overwhelming and confusing for just about everybody! At MedSave LTC we do everything we can to help navigate that maze for our patients. Although the paperwork and applying for insurance is the responsibility of the individual – or their family – we can help once the insurance is in place. We do retro billing for insurances that go into effect after the fact and we can convert claims to Medical Insurance once that is in place.

We are very familiar with Medical Assistance and Prime West especially, although we do deal with most of the major insurances that cover Minnesota residents. If there is an obscure plan than we do not contract with we have the advantage of subcontracting with MedSave Family Pharmacy and utilizing our commercial contract through them so you can still get all your resident’s medications in one place. If a drug is not covered we work with the doctor to get the prescription changed to a comparable alternative that is covered or if that isn’t an option we work with the doctor and the insurance company to try to get an exception for coverage. We understand that medications and prescription insurance is not the area of expertise of the facility staff and at MedSave LTC we do our best to take that burden on for you.

We Offer a Variety of Multi-Dose Packaging for Each Home & Patient
  • 30-day bubble packs
  • 14-day bubble packs
  • Opus “cassettes”
  • Prescription bottles

MedSave LTC offers long term care facilities a choice between unit dose systems. We offer 28, 30 and 31 day blister pack cards. They are single sheets with the medication dose in a sealed bubble for dispensing. Another system is the Opus system of 14 day cassettes, color coded for time of day administration. We can also dispense in bottles if that is the preferred method for your facility. Ask us about other alternatives if one of these systems does not work for your facility. Our pharmacy processes & dispenses monthly - we are not able to offer 90 day fills.

Taking the concept of medication delivery one step further, MedSave LTC offers the option of having your facility set up on a “batch system”. This means we’ll line up all maintenance meds for every client at your facility and have them automatically delivered to you on a monthly basis to start everything on the same day. This eliminates time for reordering and eliminates errors of missed doses or missed meds entirely. If you’re interested in the batch system, call and talk to any of our staff to get started.

Whichever system you use, the concept of unit dose packaging provides advantages. It allows for patient compliance while eliminating errors of missed doses or double dosing. It also provides a quick and easy way for facility staff to do med counts and to have accountability for medication administration.

Our Staff is Here to Help You

The small, dedicated staff at MedSave LTC is here to help you. The people you speak with at MedSave LTC are strictly dedicated to helping you at the long term care facility. We have separated our walk-in business from our LTC business totally. So when you have an issue to discuss with our staff, you can be confident that you are speaking with personnel who are tuned in to your needs.


Long Term Care Homes We Serve

Autumn Hills
Beltrami Advantage
Bemidji Home
Briar Rose
Clubb House
Colleen's Caring Hands
Eagles Feather
Eagles Landing
East Advantage
Parkwood Care Home
Garden Lane
G.O.A.L Home
Goldpine Home
Hofmeister Care Home
Joanne Bennington Home
Journey Home
Leech Lake Opiate Program
Lighthouse Lodge
Lone Eagle
Long Lake Loon Lodge
LSS Balsam
LSS Sumac
LSS Sylvan
LSS Tamarack
LSS Thomasa

Neilson Place
Odayin Home
REM Arrowwood
REM Birchmont
REM Carr Lake I
REM Carr Lake II
REM Deer Path
REM Grandview
REM Miles
REM Northwoods
REM Rodeo
Rosewood Eldercare
Tender Hearts
The Aldre Hus
Touch of Home
Touch of Home North
WoodsEdge Catered Senior
Living -Trillium Memory Care
WoodsEdge Senior Living
Campus– WindSong Catered
Living Apartments